Anime extravaganza at the East End Film Festival

Afro Samurai: Resurrection premiere at the East End Film Festival

Afro Samurai: Resurrection, the movie sequel to 2007's irrepressibly cool TV series, comes to DVD in the UK on 27 April, with a Blu-ray release following on 1 June. But you don't need to wait that long to check it out for yourself! Manga Entertainment, Skep Events and the East End Film Festival have teamed up to deliver an anime extravaganza that'll round off your week in style! Afro Samurai: Resurrection will get its UK premiere screening on 24 April (that's tomorrow!) and serves as the main event in an evening of Japanese movies, music and gaming.

The line-up also includes a screening of the spectacular Blood: The Last Vampire (which has now been adapted into a live-action movie that's due for release in mid-June), a live performance from J-Rock band Levelload, hip-hop cuts from Butcherd Beats and DJ Haruka, an anime-themed VJ set with The Photon Shepherds and a chance to play Atari's brand new Afro Samurai videogame - and everyone who shows up will receive a free goody bag worth £25, too!

The event is being held in the Village Underground club in Shoreditch, East London and kicks off at 6.30pm - tickets cost £15 each. For more information and to book tickets, click here!