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50 Greatest Game Design Innovations

In an episode of Futurama, a nebulous version of the ever-popularGodsaid, "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." So our buddies over at Next Generation have taken time out of their busy day to show appreciation for all the little things that have aided gaming in kicking our collective dicks in the dirt throughout the years. How? By collecting the50 Greatest Game Design Innovationsof all time.

Can you imagine a future where some plucky developer hadn't invented stuff like in-game storytellingor a physics engines? We'd all be playing some horrendous version of Naruto Pong… terrifying.

Above: Sorry fellas, maybe next millenium

There's plenty of "Oh yeah..." moments, so subtle you may have forgotten the minor revolutions that accompanied the seemingly simple advent of saved games and cutscenes. Plus it's a quick and comprehensive little tour through the entire history of gaming. We won't spoil any more of the moments here, but we will tell what didn't make the list of innovations: The Power Glove, The N-Gage, urine soaked peripherals - and unfortunately - heaving, lifelike bosoms.

Click here for the 50 Greatest Game Design Innovations.