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SFX NEEDS YOU! Top Lost Moments

Lost is back soon on our screens for what promises to be a televisual landmark. Just how are they going to tie up all those loose ends? More importantly, will it be any good, or are we all going to scratching our heads and comparing it to Patrick McGoohan’s auto-gorilla wrestling session at the climax of The Prisoner?

Regardless of how high Lost’s finale scores on the cool-o-meter no-one can deny that already Lost has had more than its fair share of excellent TV moments, and we’d like YOU to tell us what your favourites have been. Ben strangling Locke? That unnamed extra getting sucked into the jet engine at the very beginning? The revelation of Kate’s crime? The destruction of the hatch? Sawyer with his shirt off?

Post your faves in the thread below, and look out for the results in an SFX special coming your way soon…