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Dark Shadows Will Be Johnny Depps Next Movie

Yep, he’s reteaming again with director Tim Burton, for a big screen adaptation of a cult ’60s US horror soap…

Hang on. Rewind. Johnny Depp as a vampire. We’d better pause for some seismic squee-ing.

Calmed down now? Right…

Stories that Burton would be tackling the adaptation have been doing the rounds for about a year now, but according to The Hollywood Reporter the film is set to go into production in April.

Apparently Depp was obsessed with the show as a child, but here in the UK it remains fairly unknown. It began life as an ailing soap, but the ratings soared when the producers introduced the vampire character Barnabas Collins, who went on the become an American icon.

Seth Grahame-Smith (author of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies ) wrote the latest draft from an original script by John August.