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47 Ronin Director In Talks For Black Lagoon Remake

According to The LA Times the remake of ’50s monster movie classic The Creature From The Black Lagoon is now back on track, after having lost its original director, Breck Eisner earlier this year.

The US newspaper reckons that Carl (47 Ronin) Rinsch is now in talks to take the helm of the movie about a water-dwelling monster. Apparently the script, written by Pleasantville’s Gary Ross (who is actually the son of Arthur Ross, who co-wrote the original) is undergoing extensive rewrites as the the studio behind the film, Universal, is having a bet of rethink about the direction they want to take it. Let’s just hope that doesn’t mean a big screen version of the Creature From The Black Lagoon musical at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Meanwhile, Eisner – who recently directed The Crazies - has signed on to another horror remake: The Brood. The original 1979 film was one of David Cronenberg’s early efforts, a full on body-horror gorefest about a woman who telepathically communicates with her group of mutant killer children.