id: People won't be shocked by our new game

id Software has told the gaming world to be prepared NOT to be shocked by its new game based on a new IP it currently has in development.

"It's new for sure, and we're always looking to broaden the gameplay, but people aren't going to be shocked. You shouldn't expect an RTS or a fighting game or something. [laughs] People are going to like what they see, but it's not going to be shocking," id's Steve Nix told Shacknews.

id's Kevin Cloud, also present at the interview, promised fast action from the title.

"Yes, we are doing something different, but it's still going to be fast action. We're still going to be first-person shooters and in-your-face immersive action, but yes it's not, you know, Doom 3."

So, a first-person shooter then...

id's expected to reveal its new game in full at this year's QuakeCon, running from August 2 to August 5. The developer has already given a glimpse of the title during a demonstration of its new Tech 5 technology in June.

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July 31, 2007