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Sam Mendes No Longer Directing Preacher

But producer Neal Moritz still expects the film to start shooting in 2011 under a different director

Producer Neal Moritz has revealed to Collider that director Sam Mendes is no longer connected to the long gestating Preacher movie (the adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic book) having moved on to direct Bond 23.

In a bewilderingly thorough interview with Moritz - which covers dozens of his upcoming projects including Sinbad , The Boys and RIPD and is well worth checking out– the producer also reveals that he still intends to get the film before the camera in 2011, that he's been discussing the possibility of spreading the story over more than one move with scriptwriter John August, and that the film will definitely be R-rated.

Oh yeah, and the Sinbad movie is now going by the title of The Eighth Voyage Of Sinbad , with Adam ( Hairspray / Bedtime Stories ) Shankman attached as director.