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New trailer for Scream TV show

A new trailer has appeared online for MTV’s new Scream TV show, introducing an array of characters soon to become knife fodder for the masked maniac terrorising the town of Lakewood.

This latest trailer hits a lot of the same beats as the original movie, including genre-savvy teens, slashed throats galore and an opening scene in which one of the lead characters is brutally offed. With a severed head in a Jacuzzi thrown in for good measure!

Check it out, below…

We had wondered just how grisly MTV would go with a small-screen version of Scream, but from what we’ve seen so far, the new show doesn’t seem to be pulling its punches. And while changing the famous Ghostface mask had initially felt like sacrilege, there’s something pretty creepy about this sober new version…

Co-starring Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young, Scream will debut in the US on MTV on 30 June 2015. A UK air date has yet to be confirmed.

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George Wales
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