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Merlin Series 5: Sir Gwaine and Sir Leon Interviewed

Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine) and Rupert Young (Sir Leon) talk exclusively to SFX about Merlin series five armour, make-up, the lack of women in their characters’ lives and a whole load more…

[VAMS id="VYNT6SlXc1Qvr"]

Merlin series five starts on BBC1 on Saturday 6 October at 7.45. Look out for a whole load more Merlin goodness on the site this week.

And just because we love it – and in case you haven’t seen it – here’s a special video we made for last year’s series featuring Katie McGrath (Morgana)…

[VAMS id="7MDc0DEy2O63T"]

And finally some nice images of the Knights for you to admire. Click on them for larger versions:

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