Ian joins the Torchwood team

A couple of snaps here taken when I spent a day on the set of Torchwood. After talking to producer Richard Stokes, I’m really looking forward to the second season; everyone involved believes the series has really found its feet now.

As well as watching the filming of a couple of scenes (sorry, can’t tell you what they involved – it’s top secret!) I spoke to John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Kai Owen (who plays Gwen’s boyfriend Rhys). Interviewing Gareth was tricky, because it was hard not to be distracted by his pair of impossibly cute puppies, rolling around on the floor of his trailer!

But the highlight of the day (other than finding out that Torchwood have the same Ikea drinks coasters that I do...) was definitely a tour of the Hub set, which really is an astonishing piece of work, and looks even more impressive in real life than it does on the telly. It just goes on and on and on, and the attention to detail is incredible.

Woodies, be sure to buy SFX issue 164 (on sale 21 November) , which will include some exclusive Torchwood material...