Holly Provides Bags and Biscuits

"It's just observational rubbish, really - but from my angle of looking at it. It's all I've ever traded on!" comments Lovett, who we interviewed about playing Holly in issue 172 of SFX along with co-Holly Hattie Hayridge.

Lovett looks set to return to our screens in early 2009, reprising the role of Holly for four new episodes of Red Dwarf commissioned by TV channel Dave. Having been one of the first comedians to perform at the now legendary Comedy Store, Norman Lovett is a seasoned stand-up comedian with an informal, conversation style. He also once supported The Clash ("a great memory for me," he told SFX).

"This DVD is long overdue," continues Lovett. "I've been a comedian for 28 years and I finally think that I've got enough material..."

Bags and Biscuits is available from online DVD retailers now. Norman Lovett's official website can be found here .