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Could The Avengers Movie Be Further Off Than We Think?

In an exclusive interview about Iron Man 2 in the next issue of SFX (#192 out next Wednesday) Robert Downey Jr hints that the current release date of The Avengers movie (4 May, 2012) may not be set in stone:

“It is the pinnacle but again, it’s only the pinnacle if it’s done in the smartest and best and most creatively sound way possible,” he explains. “And I’m not saying we can’t get there. I’m just saying it would be better to get there and not stay on schedule than to get everyone what they were hoping for [in terms of a release date] but not do it correctly.”

And then adds with a laugh, “And by correctly, I mean my way.”

For more of this in-depth interview, look out for the new issue of SFX with Iron Man 2 on the cover.