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Modern Warfare 3: Redemption trailer focuses on singleplayer campaign

The new “Redemption” trailer for Modern Warfare 3 takes the focus off multiplayer, Elite, and the game's big reveals thus far to focus on the title's singleplayer component. You know what that means, right? More gameplay, explosions, dodgy-accented ideologues and plenty of gruff British speechifying.

Above: Oh, you best believe there's a “gogogo” in there

You've now had a good look at Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer Spec Ops mode, a tour of Call of Duty Elite, and a teaser for the events of the game's singleplayer story. With less than a month until the title's release, what else are you interested in seeing? Or are you holding off until launching the game for yourself on Nov 8?

Oct 10, 2011