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Download of the Week: Beyond Good & Evil HD sale price is beyond belief

Although fans of the cult classic, Beyond Good & Evil, have been crying out for a sequel since 2003, the best Ubisoft are prepared to do is polish up the original in the hope it will placate them while they wait. To be honest, the HD scrub has given a new lease of life to this part puzzler, part beat 'em up and part photographer. And with a ludicrously cheap price tag it's the perfect time to relive/get involved with this belter.

Curious to see how it plays? Then take a look at this...

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Bejeweled 3 | Steam | £7.49/$9.99

The best puzzle game ever? That's debatable, but it sure as shit is addictive and worth your time.

Amazing Breaker | iOS | 69p/$0.99

Catapult bombs in various ice sculptures to blow them all to pieces. It's a bit like Angry Birds.

Ms. Splosion Man | 360 | 400 (Gold members, ooo errr)

Not as enjoyable as the first game but still good... with a bow on it - GRUK Editor, Matt Cundy.