The Ward

This creepy survival horror game marks the debut of a new development studio, Renegade Kid. Their ambitious first effort promises plenty of gory frights served up with impressive graphics, as players roam a derelict hospital and uncover some unnervingly grotesque surgical experiments.

It has real-time lighting, which is probably a first on DS, allowing for the use of a convincing flashlight to illuminate the gloomy corridors of the hospital. The lead character is a man who wakes up to find himself in this mysterious place with no memory of how he got there, and the game appears to be a mixture of puzzles, combat and running away from flesh-eating mutants.

Since it’s a first-person game, the touch screen is effectively used to look around as you move steathily through the grounds, while the buttons or D-pad take care of movement. The touch screen also shows a kind of heartbeat monitor, which is either just an ordinary health meter or something tracking exactly how long it is before the hero expires through sheer fright.

This is perfect for playing late at night while hiding under the bed covers. Be warned, though: you’ll be having some ghoulish nightmares afterwards. It’s due to be released around November this year, although a publisher has yet to be found and/or announced for the game.


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