Quest hubs are fine, but dynamic content is what really gets us jazzed in our MMOs. TERA has already mastered the art of action-packed small-scale fights; now they're going big with Nexus encounters, the feature that's coming soon with an impending patch. Any time an instance can offer drop-in battles with gargantuan enemies, we're totally down.

Below is a trailer direct from En Masse Entertinament, showing off the size and scope of the Nexus instance. We're already excited to charge into the battle with our Poporis (which, as we've stated before, are the best race in the entire game), and the combat within is sure to be fast and furious. Check it out for a taste of the grandiose encounters to come.

Similar to the rifts in... Rift, Nexus events are three-stage invasions of increasingly-difficult monsters; in this case, they're all chromed out like Metal Mario - no doubt for intimidation purposes. Anytime someone enters the Nexus zone, denoted by the gigantic laser piercing through the heavens and warping in baddies, they're given a quest to join the fight and repel the monster attack. 

Your participation and valor determines the greatness of your rewarded gear, and some of the incoming monsters will require more than 30 players to take down. Battles this intense are a good thing in any MMO, but being able to jump in and out of these epic-scale boss fights is what makes Nexus events so dang awesome.


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