It’s difficult not to have a soft spot for likeable cartoon shooter Timesplitters, even if it did look a little bit, well, French. But next-gen debut Haze is set to take a more serious outlook. Gone are the pop culture stereotypes, in are moral questions about life, death and the life of a soldier. No, seriously.

The odd spot of outsourcing that began with a few banks moving their call centers to India reaches its logical conclusion in 2025 when countries outsource their entire military operations to private companies who kill harder, faster and with bigger profits than a public-run company could ever do. There’s nothing quite like fighting for a just cause, and as Sergeant Jake Carpenter, a new recruit in the Mantel Global Industries Army, it’s your job to help repress guerrillas in South America. Where’s the twist? Why, Mantel is also a multinational corporation with biomedical expertise who’ve developed Nectar - a nutritional supplement to make soldiers stronger and smarter. There’ll be absolutely no side effects from that whatsoever, then.

Expect Far Cry transformations (except on a larger scale) to crop up over three days as you battle against renegade group The Promise Hand, and try and answer a few tough questions - who’s innocent and who’s guilty? And do you pull the trigger? You’ll decide. Probably to pull the trigger, we’re guessing.

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