Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is shaping up to be another rich, Disney-filled adventure led by the mischievous mouse and a new sidekick, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. A drop-in, drop-out cooperative game, The Power of Two is packed to the brim with lost Disney treasures and hopes to address that pesky "camera issue."

The demo that was available at E3 showed us one of the in between 2D platforming levels, similar to the transition levels we've seen in the previous Disney Epic Mickey. This one was based off the 1937 Silly Symphonies cartoon produced by Walt Disney called The Old Mill. Looking very much like an "old mill," we jumped and double-jumped our way across wooden beams and bounced on spider webs. To get to the hard to reach areas, we needed to use Oswald. As an AI partner he'll tag along faithfully, but it's always more enjoyable when someone plays with you.

Not only is Oswald helpful in getting you to higher ground, he's also immensely helpful in a fight. We took on a giant, thinner-breathing Blotworx (mix of Blotlings and Beetleworx), which not only tries to spray the hazardous green thinner on us, it also removes parts of the circular platform that surround it - which also happens to be the only thing separating us from the lava below. To keep the giant animatronic dragon (mirrored after Pete's Dragon from the Main Street Electrical Light Parade) at bay, Oswald is able to shock its victim, stunning it long enough for us to toss a healthy dose of paint (or thinner) in its direction. This particular boss had several phases, and we tried our best to keep using paint. With a bit of teamwork (and the Junction Point employee helping as Oswald) we were able to bring down the mechanical beast and complete the demo.

We played the demo on the PlayStation 3 with the move controls, and we were told that the camera functions a bit differently on this particular platform. There were several times where we had to reset it in order to get a better view of the dragon. When we played it on the Wii the previous time, we did notice an improvement with the camera, but in this particular level we were running around on a circular platform so it was tough to keep our eyes on the prize.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two recently announced that it will be releasing on November 18 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.




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