Sony's dropped one last tease before the launch of tomorrow's Battle for Earth DLC, which the company says is DC Universe Online's “largest, most impressive DLC pack yet.” Centered on the battle against Brainiac, the DLC includes a new power set, two new raids and more besides. “My personal favorite new Raid,” says executive producer Larry Liberty, “is set in Themyscira, the ancestral home of Wonder Woman.”

“Our team of talented artists did an amazing job crafting this beautiful new zone,” says Liberty, which includes teaming up with creatures such as the Cyclops, Hydra and Colossus. So hey, you don't get the Marvel crossover that “Cyclops and Colossus vs Brainiac” might suggest, but then again, the game's take on Greek myth is at least faithful enough to minimize the chances of being transmogrified into foodstuffs. Take what you can get.

The DLC also includes an Alert set in South Gotham, another Raid on the Prime Battleground, and a new Earth-based power set that grants seismic attacks and powerful tanking abilities. The Battle for Earth update will go online tomorrow, free to Legendary subscribers and available for purchase on PSN and the game's website.

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  • Japanaman - March 13, 2012 5:52 a.m.

    Well, darn it! I was hoping X-Men's Cyclops and Collosus were coming to DC Universe Online as some sort of Marvel Vs D.C. crossover. I guess my Iceman character is the only Marvel character in the game.

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