WWE 2K16 wrestlers include Steve Austin, John Cena and ... Marvel's Carnage?

2K Sports has given fans a first glimpse at the WWE 2K16 roster this month, and today they've released the first in a series of weekly character announcements leading up to the game's release date of October 27. And what an eclectic bunch it is.

The full list of superstars shown off thus far includes Bad News Barrett, Booker T, Colonel Mustafa, Daniel Bryan, Emma, Eva Marie, Finn Balor, General Adnan, John Cena, Kalisto, Kane, Lord Steven Regal, Paige, Seth Rollins, Sin Cara, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Summer Rae, Tamina and Triple H. Oh, and The Terminator, if you pre-order.

I'm going to be honest here: as a child of the '90s, I'm pretty happy that the WWE is still supporting the gawdy costumes and ridiculous facepaint that defined pro wrestling when I was growing up. That spirit is alive and well in Finn Balor, pictured above, in particular: While it's not a 1:1 recreation of the Spider-Man villain (which Balor has pulled off before), there's no denying his look borrows heavily from Carnage of Marvel comics - a blob of sentient alien goo that's symbiotically merged to a serial killer.

And here I thought Kane, brother of The Undertaker who died-but-didn't-die-maybe in a fire, was ridiculous(ly awesome).

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Sam Prell

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