US Artist orders up Yoshi with a side of Chocobo

Does Yoshi taste like chicken? Is Ganon really the other dark meat? US Illustrator Joe Buffum seems to think so, and has taken to drawing up a batch of Nintendo-themed meat diagrams depicting iconic characters as unfortunate entrées.

Created for the Scion Gallery's upcoming Pixel Pushers show, curated byGiant Robot Magazine,Buffum's series of six illustrations break down Bowser, Yoshi, Ganon and several other characters into their basic food components.

Describing his inspiration on his own blog,The Jude Abides, Buffum writes: “I decided to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Though I myself eat meat, enough of my friends and loved ones are now vegetarians or vegans, so it’s something I’ve been experimenting with. I suppose these pieces are a by-product of that exploration. That, and my long-time obsession with meat diagrams.”

Awesome concept, but we'll pass on seconds.

Nov 9, 2010

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