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New Terminator mod gets CliffyB’s approval

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski recently gave a glowing endorsement for FPS Terminator, a Terminator mod made with the Unreal Engine 3. “Check out this SWEET FPS Terminator mod,†said the famous game designer via Twitter. “These guys are going to get a job in the biz if they haven’t already.†Set in the year 2029 during the war against the machines, FPS Terminator does look very impressive. Check out screenshots and a trailer below.

Above: We love all the chaos going around in the background and the sky

Above: A gameplay trailer for FPS Terminator. You can see more screenshots, along with another trailer and links to download the demo atMod DB

Source:CliffyB on Twitter,Mod DB,CVG

July 20, 2010