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Here's your chance to get on Go 8-Bit with 'awesome re-enactments of gaming moments'

Who hasn't seen a waist-high wall and stuck to it like Marcus Fenix or Nathan Drake? We all recreate our favorite games when we don't think anybody's watching, and now your IRL gaming antics could could end up for all to see on Go 8-Bit: the Dave network's comedy gaming game show thing has put out a call for "awesome re-enactments of memorable moments" from all across video games.

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They can be modern moments like accidentally playing with Trico's poop in The Last Guardian or classic memories like catching your very first rattata. Cool, funny, weird, whatever, just get it on video, send it in, and you could end up the subject of admiration and/or gleeful mockery by host Dara Ó Briain and the gang.

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Connor Sheridan
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