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So Firewatch has a poop trowel

Video games have driven the need to pick up and examine every single object deep into our reptilian brains. Firewatch handles things a little bit differently. It won't prevent you from picking things up - you can even have walkie talkie conversations about interesting objects - but it will let you reach the natural conclusion of prodding around in a stranger's campsite. In other words, I hope main character Henry keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer in his forest ranger shorts.

If that little interaction wasn't enough to pique your interest, you can consult our handy guide for why everybody's talking about Firewatch. And you can try it out yourself when Firewatch hits PC and PS4 on February 9.

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Connor Sheridan
Connor has been doing news and feature things for GamesRadar+ since 2012, which is suddenly a long time ago. How on earth did that happen?