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F2P MMO shooter Firefall enters open beta

Free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall entered open beta today. Red 5 Studios announced its gun-toting, jetpack-wearing PC game is now available for everyone via its website.

Firefall uses a persistent world to keep players on the move: building up funds with bug-besieged resource harvesters, exploring on foot and in vehicles, and defending cities from invading forces. Players can swap classes in the form of specialized "battleframes," and kit themselves out for open-world battles as well as PvP arenas.

Of course, it wouldn't be a free-to-play game if you couldn't put a ton of money into it; check out the Beta Starter Packs for a peek at Firefall's monetization model.

Check out our recent preview for more details on Firefall.

Connor Sheridan
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