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After generating spookily high sales, Angry Birds gets Halloween version

Have you been spending all your waking hours shooting ball-shaped birds into oblivion, wondering if there's something better to do with your life? Well, now there is. There's a Halloween version of Angry Birds.

Looking to further milk money out from a franchise that has already earned the designation of the best-selling iPhone game ever, developer Rovio has launched Angry Birds Halloween. It's a brand new game, not just a DLC pack, with 45 original levels.

The new levels have also been treated with a gray-black-orange motif befitting everyone's favorite holiday devoted toeeevilll (since Election Day isn't technically a holiday).

"With Angry Birds Halloween, we wanted to provide our fans with a special treat," said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed in a statement.

Hed also reiterated that continuous free updates will continue to come out for Angry Birds. But the cool ones, like this, will probably continue to cost money. Hey, that Angry Birds Hollywood movie isn't gonna fund itself.


Oct 26, 2010

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