The Video Zone - Episode 6

Now that we're almost midway through this gloriously lazy season, you've settled into the groove of either summer school, some lame-ass job or sleeping in until 3pm. But c'mon, we know you're seriously missing the countless hours of free entertainment your second best friend - the internet - provides. We've compiled a few more for your viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes.

Guitar Hero II: Trippolette perfection

Either Jimmy Hendrix has risen from the dead to play Guitar Hero or this fellow has mastered a level of plastic axe fingerage to challenge any rock god.

PS3 replica grill

Not only can it handle 40-player Resistance deathmatches, but PS3 can apparently cook a mean steak too. At this rate PS4 will be able torun the websiteand make us coffee.

Roxas Vs Xigbar

A fight from Kingdom Hearts 2, dubbed over with the dialogue from the Black Knight segment in Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

GTA Back to the Future

Now this really was acceptable in the ’80s. Tommy Vercetti hitches a ride in one of Hollywood’s greatest cars. Watch as the Vice City vandal hits 88mph in his Delorian.