Star Wars VR is the Star Wars experience you want (but will probably never have)

The field of virtual reality is a burgeoning one, but that doesn't mean it needs to feel unfamiliar. Studio Hammerhead VR has developed a trailer for a proposed Star Wars game to be played using VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, and it's pretty much what your childhood imagination dreamed being in the Star Wars universe would be. Even if Hoth's snow looks a little lower-res than you remember.

Film producer Rob McLellan directed the short, with assets provided by Craig Stiff and a host of SciFi3D artists. Considering how very, very, very unlikely this project is to ever see the light of day (Disney has not been particularly thrilled with Amy Schumer's sexualized usage of Star Wars characters in GQ Magazine, not to mention EA's exclusive rights deal for Star Wars video games), it's likely this demo reel will serve as an example of what the creators are capable of moreso than it will act as advertisement for a finished product.

But who knows, maybe Disney and EA will see that some people don't want the stress of fighting in Star Wars Battlefront, and would rather just experience a galaxy far, far away. Well … it's a nice thought, anyway.

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Sam Prell

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