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Project Spark now completely free and issuing refunds. That went well, then

I liked Project Spark back in the day. There was a powerful and interesting pictographic programming language under that cutesy exterior, although I was never a fan of the limited object options. You couldn't build or craft customs things, limiting you to whatever kits and bits the game gave you.

Despite a few levels and videos popping up after its release, it clearly never reached the levels of the obvious comparison, LittleBigPlanet. Sony's effort's use of switches, buttons and wires limited the logic controlling potential compared to Spark but you could make anything, which gave it a clear edge.

Now Microsoft has announced the originally free-to-play offering is now completely free, with anyone who paid actual money for anything after July 28th getting a Microsoft Store credit refund. DLC and future development has also been canned in favour of "encouraging more user generated content".

You can get all the details here, along with the T&Cs for refunds.

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Leon Hurley
In former lives Leon's been a scientist, a musician and teacher, stints that included a shoe full of liquid nitrogen, a small tour of Germany and oh GOD so much marking.