Our disc picks of the week

Sam recommends… The Thing (Blu-ray)

With resolution so crystal clear you can count every hair on Kurt Russell's buff beard, Blu-ray exclusive extras, and the fact that it's an excuse to watch John Carpenter's classic one more time, this blue-tinged beauty is the best reason yet to upgrade the box that sits under your telly.

Chris recommends… The French Connection (Blu-Ray)

Like we said in our current Terminator article , William Friedkin pretty much invented cars in The French Connection. Or car chases, at least.

But even putting aside that outstanding sequence, you still have the most brutal and unflinching cop movie of all time. Influencing anything made since, The French Connection is both a bone-a-fide classic and a Hollywood spectacle at its best.

Oh… and on Blu-Ray it looks better than ever too.

Andy recommends… Merlin: Volume 1

Crisp writing, perky acting, pricey-looking production values... The Beeb’s almost-Arthurian fantasy serial has been the surprise of the year. Myth, magic, monsters and a teen-friendly sprinkle of sex and death. BAFTA please, to Richard Wilson – outstanding as grumpy quack Gaius.