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The next post-Kojima Metal Gear Solid project is Ford car commercials

What would it take to convince you to buy a Ford? Great miles per gallon? Safety features like dual airbags and a back-up camera? How about the endorsement of a man cloned from the genes of the legendary soldier, Big Boss?

That's not hypothetical, by the way. Metal Gear Solid series publisher Konami has seemingly partnered with Ford to create a duo of commercials centered on the car manufacturer's Focus and Fusion models. And they are as hilarious as they are cringeworthy.

It's cool to hear David Hayter and Paul Eiding as Solid Snake and Colonel Campbell, respectively, riffing back and forth like the good old days, and Snake's enthusiastic repetition of facts that have just been stated to him is totally in-character. At the same time, I admit it feels disheartening to see a beloved franchise being used to peddle cars. I suppose it's like Snake says in Metal Gear Solid 4: "He who controls a mid-size sedan with 231 horsepower, controls history."

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