Newsdump 09-20

Nintendo throws parties for "normals"

In what has been elected today's strangest news story, we find ourselves directing you to somemom's blog. Apparently, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata is so convinced that selling the Wii is likeselling cosmeticsthat he's adopting Avon's business model - Nintendo is now going door-to-door, showing its Wii to any non-gamer who will let it into their living room and invite the neighborhood.

So, yeah. Some suburban soccer-madre and her brood have logged more Wii-time than you. Sucks, doesn't it? Hey Nintendo: we do appreciate that you're trying to reach out to the mainstream, but maybe wait and do it until we have a Wii happily humming under our own TVs first, okay? If there's a launch shortage because clueless non-gamers want to play too, we won't be happy.

Above: Ever held this? Some suburbanite driving a dented Chevy Astro has.

Final Fantasy XII DS "boss" revealed

According to a story onDS Fanboy, the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu reveals the identity of the man heading up the development team for upcoming DS sure-fire hit, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It's Motomu Toriyama.


[sigh] You know, that's what's wrong with video gaming. We don't give enough credit to the guys cranking out awesome games, yet we can name all the American Idol contestants. Anyhow, he's the guy who headed up development of the cheesecake-y, dress-up-a-thon Final Fantasy X-2, and is also handling theso-cool-we-might-not-deserve-itFinal Fantasy XIII. Plus, the lead artist from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is in the mix too, so you know it'll look good. His name's Ryuma Itou - and we guarantee he's cooler than Clay Aiken.

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