New Dredd poster is an apocalyptic work of art


With Dredd blazing into cinemas this September, Lionsgate has released a new poster for the apocalyptic comic adap, and it’s a fiery beauty.

Showing off Karl Urban as the eponymous anti-hero, we get Dredd in full-on action pose, that jaw set stonily as he wields a futuristic-looking gun.

Meanwhile, the backdrop is a burnt-out Mega-City One, which affords the poster a tangible atmosphere of doom.

Moody, gritty and eye-catching, this new one-sheet has us even more excited about Dredd’s big screen reboot than ever. It couldn't be further away from Sly Stallone's terrible '95 version if it tried .

Check out the full poster below…

Dredd opens in cinemas on 7 September 2012.