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Mythos closed beta sign-ups begin

The last time we played Mythos it was 2007. The release of Hellgate: London was right around the corner, and developer Flagship Studios seemed to be in great shape. Unfortunately, after a series of layoffs and debt owed by the studio formed mostly by ex-Blizzard employees, the Diablo-esque online dungeon crawler was put on hold. However, since the intellectual property rights were acquired by South Korean publisher HanbitSoft, development has resumed. With preparations for Mythos' closed beta nearing completion,HanbitSoft and Frogsterare now accepting sign-ups for players who want to test-drive the game. Check out the new trailer announcing the upcoming closed beta program inside.

Above: The promotional teaser for Mythos' upcoming beta program

Originally designed as a way to test Hellgate: London's network technologies, Mythos started out as a sort of videogame version of a crash test dummy; it allowed the developers to check for errors and make changes to Hellgate: London very quickly. But somewhere along the time, the team realized that it was a ton of fun and it was fleshed out into a game of its own.

After spending timeplaying an early build of the Mythos, we have to agree that decision to develop it into a full-fledged title was a good one. Clearing dungeons and leveling-up somehow felt more satisfying than Hellgate: London. The last time we tried it, it felt like a silky smooth Diablo MMO with a simple, but pleasing art style, a satisfying combat system, and an excellent loot table. We're very happy to see that the project seems to be back on its feet %26ndash; and hope it will play like Torchlight with more PvP and co-operative play.

If you'd like to sign-up for a chance to participate in the upcoming closed beta program for Mythos head to the game'sofficial website.

Dec 11, 2010