Mortal Kombat statue is absolutely gorgeous - and it better be, for $750

Collectibles manufacturer Pop Culture Shock will add a statue of Mortal Kombat fighter Reptile (opens in new tab) to its lineup next year, and you might want to start saving now: the 1:3 scale replica will set you back $750.

Reptile is depicted in his "Klassic" outfit, AKA a green version of the same ninja tabard that half of the series' cast wore up through Mortal Kombat 3. You can swap his regular hands for a pair dripping in acid, or change out his human head for either a skull or a scaly, sharp-toothed dinosaur-like head. Only 350 will be made, and pre-orders open today at 3pm Pacific/10pm GMT.

Back in the day, my favorite Mortal Kombat character was always Reptile. So forgive me if I'm currently debating whether or not I should save money by switching to a diet of ramen and peanut butter so that I could afford this ludicrously lavish figure.

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