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Epic Mickey achieves epic first-month sales

88-year-old cartoon characters don't usually rock the entertainment industry, but thanks to Mickey's willingness to venture into a darker and more intense world, he's looking pretty good for his age.

As with Disney's work with Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts, there's something irresistibly intriguing about the juxtaposition created when now-innocuous characters (Mickey was once a troublemaker!) are thrust into slightly-twisted adventures.

According to December's NPD numbers, Epic Mickey reportedly sold 1.3 million units, making it one of the top-selling games in the heavily competitive month.

It's no Call of Duty (nothing is), but for a third-party Wii game, that's pretty damn good. And if it can sell that well on Wii, it could possibly have even bigger success on other platforms, which the developers have said might be possible down the pike. For now, though, it's a Wii game to be reckoned with.

The more Disney focuses on stuff like this, as opposed to laughably terrible movie tie-ins, the better.

[Source: LA Times]

Jan 14, 2011

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