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Download of the Week: Splinter Cell HD trilogy gets the green light for a PSN outing

Want more DLC?Check these out...

Monster Dash|iOS| £0.69/$0.99
Combine the sprint/jump action of Canabalt with shotguns, motorbikes and monsters and you've got this little gem. The object is to get as far as you can while blasting vampires, yetis and more. BLAMMO!

Tropico 3|Steam | £5.09/$5.09
Become the ruler of your own tropical island in this Sim City-esque management game. No wait, come back, it's actually really good. The action is laced with tongue-in-cheek humour and the added pressure of being invaded if you're a dick.

Axe inFace|iOS |£0.69/$0.99
Boomerang axes, what a perfect weapon for would-be Vikings. Axe in Face sees you drawing a line around the screen which your deadly battle-axe will follow and decapitate the evil army determined to stomp on your, erm, daffodils.

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