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Sony exec says Kinect will 'hit a wall'

The souped-up motion control rhetoric continues, as the head of Sony's European PlayStation division is now saying he predicts Microsoft can only take Kinect so far before it can go no further.

Andrew House reiterated in a recent interview that Sony started the idea of camera-based motion gaming with the EyeToy. So it knows what works.

"We learnt from that experience that there are limitations around a camera-only solution. It does work well and lend itself to certain genres, but you do tend to hit a bit of a wall when trying to support it with the broadest range of content available," said House. "Consumers have understood Move is something that could impact a wide range of games."

Hewent on tosay that Kinect "is basing it solidly around just a family experience," and that it's"harder to adapt into traditional game genres."


Dec 13, 2010