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Download of the Week: Black Ops Annihilation pack provides more areas to be whooped by online ninjas

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Say what you will about the Call of Duty franchise becoming rather stale, but Activision are at least still knocking quality DLC out to prolong your fun in Black Ops. While lining their silk pockets, of course. This latest batch of content features four new multiplayer maps - hangar 18, Silo, Drive-in and Hazard - and a whole new spooky area based in Shangri La for youto mash up evenmore zombie brains.

Want more DLC?Check these out...

Dino D-Day|Steam| £3.49/$4.99
Forget Nazi zombies, it's all about Nazi dinosaurs now. Play asdifferent dinos thathave guns attachedto their freakin' heads. You can alsodevour soldiers withthe T-Rex's powerful jaw. Nom, Nom, Nazi, Nom.

From Dust|360 | 1200MS
It's Lemmings + Black & White + something related to tribal masks. It's pretty good too, so say ourreview.

Groove Coaster| iOS |£0.69/$0.99
Tap and swipe your way into musical bliss in this Rez/Gitarro Man game from Taito. It looks superb.

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July 29, 2011