American McGee and Spicy Horse Kickstart OZombie

American McGee and his Spicy Horse studio are turning their twisted fairy tale gaming machinations to the marvelous land of Oz. A single-player focused action-adventure, OZombie will star Dorothy's great granddaughter and her quest to liberate Oz from a mind-numbing regime led by the brain-hungry Scarecrow.

That's all well and good, but it also has a Kickstarter video starring McGee and Pandora Boxx of Ru Paul's Drag Race, who is apparently a big fan of the Alice games.

OZombie is "first and foremost a single player game:" players will work their way through the main story, recruiting memorable characters to the cause of Oz's salvation. That said, it will feature unlockable multiplayer with raids and tournaments.

It's also pay-to-play, unlike Spicy Horse's other recent freaky fairy tale, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. Players need only pay once to access the single player campaign and multiplayer, though there may be an item shop of some kind.

Spicy Horse is looking for $950,000 to produce the game, and about $84,000 has been pledged as of its second day. A minimum pledge of $15 is required to get the game across PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile, loosely predicted to launch in March 2015.

Connor Sheridan

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