You killed 298 million people in The Division's closed beta

The Division's closed beta is over, but Ubisoft says it's not passed without a (virtual) human cost. Specifically: 298,031,224 in-game kills from 9,288,002 grenades thrown and 14,995,669,168 bullets fired, according to statistics released by the Montreal publisher.

These are far from the only big numbers produced by the closed beta, which ran from Jan 28th to Feb 2nd. Players totalled more the 621 million minutes, with one agent managing to clock 90 hours. (The beta was only open for 120.) 6.8 million games were played, with the M4 proving the most lethal weapon.

7184 million (not a typo) car doors were closed, while just over 6 million people got to the chopper in Dark Zone. Players spent 4.2 million hours in that mode alone.

The statistics were revealed to mark the announcement of an open beta which runs from 19-21 Feb. Xbox One players get early access the day beforehand. The beta will feature "an all-new story mission for players to explore in their pursuit to save the city".

The Division is released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th.

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