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1000s of Battlefield Heroes beta keys to give away

Update: 05/06/2009 - Sorry guys, but the beta key giveaway has now closed. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and we really are sorry to anyone who didn't manage to get one. We were understandably swamped with a massive number of applicants; a number so massive in fact, that in the end we couldn't cater to everyone. But thanks again, and we hope that everyone who did manage to get into the beta is having a great time.

Free-to-play PC shooter Battlefield Heroes is about the most fun war has ever looked. And you can get yourself a piece of the cartoon-skirmishing action. We've got an absolutely insane amount of Battlefield Heroes beta keys to dish out to anyone that wants one. Seriously, we've secured quite a stockpile.


Simply send your email address on a PM to BattlefieldHeroesBetaKeys. Then all you have to do is wait for us to send the beta key to your email, along with instructions on how to redeem it. We won't be able to distribute keys immediately, but please be patient - if you request one, you will recieve one.

The Battlefield Heroes beta key giveaway closes Sunday 3 May.

Once you've safely procured yourself a beta key and swiftly navigated the redeem process, you can create your own colourful war hero and take them into battle. Choose your side, then frag, level-up and use your special abilities to stick it to the enemy. Beautiful. To find out more about Battlefield Heroes, read our preview of the beta.