Titles that would make awesome exercise games

Hold on to your guts. Yoshinori Ono, the producer of upcoming megaton beat 'em up Super Street Fighter IV, says there's a chance the series could eventually become an exercise game. And no, we're not 16 days too late for April Fools', wisenheimer.

The thought of the ace fighter getting mangled beyond recognition might not sound appealing, but we reckon it could work. That's why we've taken it and other violent games to our Photoshop lab of hilarity and twisted each until it's suitable for flabby Wii Fit housewives everywhere.

Super Street Fitter IV

C'mon, you know this would be amazing. Acting out real-life Dragon Punches. Getting sweaty performing Chun Li's gravity-defying kung-fu kicks. Having a mild heart attack trying to recreate E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap. Alright, maybe scratch the last one.

Gut of War

What better way to make Kratos' gory Greek adventures even more stomach-churning than getting to act out the horrible acts of homicide yourself? From stomping your legs up and down to squash Poseidon's skull like a water balloon, enforced  spiritual situps, to making elaborate arm gestures as you rip a Centaur's stomach lining apart; it would make the perfect gift for the tubster looking to burn some belly fat.

Shadow of the Colossal-ass

Admittedly, this one might be a hard sell. Probably because you'd need a spare aircraft hangar to fit the 100 foot peripheral. Still, if you are lucky enough to own your own aiport, just imagine how much calorie-killing fun you could have with this. Swinging a little plastic sword about like an escaped mental patient. Hanging on for dear life as the colssal balance board throws you about. Awesome.

Though admittedly, without the proper safety equipment, hefty - and lethal - falls would probably follow...

Obese Rain

And here you were thinking we couldn't lower the tone any further.

Got any other grizzly or sexy games you'd like to see morphed into exercise tat suitable for soccer moms? Hit us up with your suggestions in the comments.

Apr 16, 2010

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