Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Our earlier hands-on with Ninja Destiny outlined all the game's key features. So, when we had the opportunity to play an unlocked version of the game and deliver an exclusive preview on its contents, we weren't sure what there was left to say. It's a wholly competent 3D fighter in the Clash of Ninja style that runs surprisingly smooth on the DS - that's about it. The in-game items add a bit of strategy to the familiar gameplay, but the most concise summary is "portable Clash of Ninja." And that's a good thing.

That said, there are two things that are always of note when a new Naruto fighter karate-chops its way to retail. One is the full character roster; the other is the list of over-the-top Jutsu moves you'll use to crack the planet in half. Seems like the best course of action here would be to reveal both of those things before the game's Feb 26 release date, no?


Now, knowing who it is you're going to be pounding into oblivion, let's have a look at Ninja Destiny's life-ending megamoves!

Feb 19, 2008


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