Fun Bits Interactive is extending the lives of Lil and Laarg this month with a free pack of Escape Plan DLC. Called Bakuki's Lair, the update will be ready for download on April 10. It will flesh out the monochromatic PlayStation Vita title with 19 new prequel puzzle rooms detailing Lil and Laarg's escape from a macabre sausage factory.

Bakuki's Lair will arrive in Sony's online stores as part of Escape Plan's Patch 1.01. Over and above the free missions, the no-charge patch will introduce a number of improvements and tweaks to the original game, based on player feedback.

“Patch 1.01 allows for more pin-point accuracy on tap blocks, as well as an adjustment to the game’s star rating system,” explained Fun Bits' Chris Millar on the US PlayStation Blog. “We are also laying the foundation for a lot of exciting updates for Lil and Laarg in the future.”

Escape Plan launched with the PS Vita in North America and Europe on February 22. While it didn't set the portable gaming world on fire, it did a decent job of introducing players to the PS Vita's touch and motion controls. Read why it's worth a l'il of your time in our Escape Plan review.

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