Turbine's preparing to release Menace of the Underdark, the first expansion of its type for Dungeons & Dragons Online since the game's release way back in 2006. The new content expands the game's world to include the Forgotten Realms, scene of some of D&D's most beloved content and setting for no shortage of pulpy paperbacks with unspeakably bitchin' covers. Take a look at these shots and see if you can't imagine a dwarf standing on a pile of flaming skulls somewhere in there.

Menace of the Underdark adds the Forgotten Realms and titular cave-world to the game (these shots are from the Forest Cavern, the new content's starting region). It also bumps up the level cap and adds the shapeshifting Druid to the lineup of available character classes. The content's dated for June 25, and will be available in three different Editions ranging from the bare-bones $29 Base Edition to the $79 Collector's Edition, including an impressive surfeit of bonus items which you can read about at the pack's page.


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