DCUO has had its ups and downs, though since going free-to-play the super-MMO has been on the rise, with the devs reporting a big increase in new players after the switch. Today Sony Online Entertainment launched some new content for those new players, with the release of Update 6 for the title. And at the very least, fans of Superman II will be excited to dive in.

The plot of the new Kryptonian-heavy raid picks up after the end of the previous mission in the fifth update, as General Zod has turned on Superman and Lex Luthor to steal an ancient artifact from Krypton. The fight takes place in Supes’ artic Fortress of Solitude and Zod is backed up by Ursa and Non, the same enforcers he had on his side in the classic Christopher Reeves film. The update also includes new weapons and armor, including some Kryptonian military weapons. The download is free to all DCUO players no matter what their access level is. We’ll leave you with a video introduction to the Fortress of Solitude.

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