Control the Frontline, win the war

How battle works in Fuel of War

When we played Frontlines only two maps were available, but they couldn't be more different in terms of content. One was a huge, open environment, packed with tanks and some of the fastest jeeps we've ever seen, favoring snipers, air support options and heavy weapons men. The other was a dense urban affair, full of skyscrapers, but also sporting a few jeeps for fast movement. Certain bits of each environment are destructible - and chucking a cluster bomb throws up cumulonimbus-sized clouds of dust - but you won't knock buildings down, Mercenaries-style.

Future tech
One of Frontlines' most interesting features is the amount of on-the-cusp-of-happening technology crammed in. Favorites include the distance-specific airbursting grenade, the air-sucking clusterbomb and the remote railgun emplacements.