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Hitman's Legacy trailer fills in 20 years of murder, & there's a new PS Plus beta

If you've seen any of the new Hitman you'll know there's quite the narrative jump from the tutorial's 'Oh Hai, can I haz assassin's job please?' to the 'I'm a legend among contract killers' first mission. That's where this trailer comes in.

The snappily titled 'Legacy Opening Cinematic’ bridges the gap between those tutorials and main Sanguine Fashion Show mission, covering some iconic moments from the series' history along the way. The original Codename: 47's Budapest hotel gets a mention, as does the Chilean Delgado vineyard from Blood Money, as well as a few others.

And, if you haven't played it yet, good news: there's a new beta starting on March 4th for all PlayStation Plus members. That's for a final server test before the game's March 11th release which will include the Prologue tutorials and Paris Fashion Show levels in the first part of its episodic release schedule.

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Leon Hurley
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