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Titanfall 2 gets a macho callsign for test event players

Want to simultaneously show off your early Titanfall 2 adopter status and your support for manly friendships between humans and robots? Respawn Entertainment is offering this callsign for the full game to everybody who plays during the Titanfall 2 tech test Amped Happy Hour event:

Dillon would approve. You'll have two opportunities to participate in the Amped Happy Hour: once from 9 to 10 am PDT / 5 to 6 pm BST on Saturday, and again from 4 to 5 pm PDT on Saturday / 12 am to 1 am BST on Sunday. The tech test will run all weekend, but Respawn really wants to get people pouring onto the servers for those two periods.

You may notice some substantial changes to the game's mechanics if you're coming back to the game. This is a test, after all, and Respawn has already made several tweaks in response to player feedback. You can check Respawn's official post for the full details, but the biggest changes include Amped Weapons taking longer to charge up, faster wallrunning, and a constant drip feed for the Titan meter.

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